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The aim of the analytical service is to provide a complex overview of the quality of the delivered product, focusing on important aspects for the relevant branch (such as content of heavy metals in the food-processing industry, etc.)


Apart from manufacturing, a number of other related activities also deal with chemicals . To enable our customers to concentrate on their

business, we provide activities that are connected with the environmental aspect of using chemical products and we work closely with our contractual partners:

  • Consultancy on disposal of
    • waste
    • emissions
    • sewerage water
  • Ensure complex development or supply of plant and technology for environmentally-friendly building projects:
    • biological filters
    • wastewater treatment plants
    • separators
  • Disposal of chemical waste, including hazardous waste, i.e. acids and hydroxides
  • waste transportation
    • truck tanks
    • container vehicles
    • packed waste
  • Chemical analysis of waste and service water
  • Chemical analysis of waste

Delivered chemicals are divided into three main groups: